What is the battery life?
While recording direct to the unit 2 hrs. While streaming over WiFi 1.5 hrs. While in stand-by 4-5 hrs. BSP has 45min direct recording.

How much eye relief is consumed by Triggercam?
Triggercam uses approximately 1-inch of your eye relief.

How much capacity does the unit have for internal video storage?
The unit comes with a 16GB SD card but can be used with a SD card of up to 64GB.

How big are the video files?
In the native MP4 format the resulting videos generate ~10MB per minute of video.

Where is my video stored?
Video can be recorded to the internal SD memory card which has been tested to at least 64GB. Triggercam can also stream recordings to your smart phone via the Triggercam app which would put the limit at the limit of free space on your phone.

What if there is a delay of live image between the Triggercam and my handheld device?
Under 'User Settings' on the Triggercam App select 'Clear Cache'.

Does this unit require me to use my smart phone or portable camera?
No. Triggercam or BSP comes with its own HD camera built in. You won’t need your phone or a GoPro or anything else.